About Our Foundation

About Our Foundation.

No Act of Kindness no matter how small is ever wasted ...

- Aesop

Project Random Acts of Kindness is love. We are caring for the homeless and children of Atlanta. We are the agents of change in our community. There can be no change without the actions of dynamic and great individuals banding together for the greater good. .

How Do We Change the World? One Random Act of Kindness at a Time ...

- Morgan Freeman

Education and Empowerment is our motto.
We educate to open doors otherwise left closed.
We empower to strengthen people’s resolve .

How Do we Help the…..


At our monthly meetings we take the time to construct our bags of love to hand out. Inside the bags are common supplies (vaseline, razors, food,…) but also a list of services that can help people of the street. Some of the services include job and health services like (Job Ready, Morehouse School of Medicine HEAL Clinic, Construct Atlanta) who are partnering with us to aid our mission.


Our initiatives for children impactful activities once a month. Our events are some of the most meaningful experiences that they will have. Some of our events include Black History Bingo at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and mentoring at Booker T. Washington High School.
We are working to develop other initiatives…......

List of Our Community Heroes

List of Top Sponsors (over $100 dollar contributions)

  • Will Hil
  • Porshe Minor
  • Rob Ragland
  • Sarah Hall
  • Will Hil
  • Oskar Kigelmanr
  • Stacey Ikebudu
  • Javas Gupta
  • Christian Davila
  • Andrew Messina
  • Erick McGriff
  • Tiorra Ross
  • Stanely Robinson
  • Craig Jorden
  • Bill Bower
  • June Bramwell
  • Casey Garber
  • Dr. Earl Young (West Atlanta Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Rebecca Chavez (Morehouse School of Medicine Surgery Department)